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Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Break : Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

Assalamualaikum & Hye

How are you ppl? Already have your holiday or not? Ngee~ I'm having my hols now, but I got blank what should I do for another 9 days remaining. Btw, I dun have any plan, and I dun have any budget either to go anywhere like most of my friends do. So, I decided to go find and fill up my tummy with every food that I'm craving for since I dun have much time to do like that before. Yaaa, exams and classes always mem-busy-kan diri mereka utk memenuhi my schedule. So sad~ Well, that's how a student life should be, rite??

Okay then, I dun wanna talk much. If not, I will keep mumbling without any points. So just let the pictures talk!! 

1st Venue: PEKING, City Star, Cairo
(Chinese Food)

-Mushroom soup-

-Prawns with Hoisin Sauce-
-Mixed Vege with Chinese Mushroom-
-Beef with Ginger & Garlic-

2nd Venue: MORI SUSHI , City Star, Cairo

-Salmon, Onagi (eel), Shrimp, & 'Idk-what-its-called' Sushi-
p/s: That 'flower'-like thing is pickled ginger. It taste good when I bite a lil', but turns diff n spicy when I ate much. -.-'

3rd Venue: SPECTRA, Genena Mall, Cairo

-Chicken & Mushroom Soup-

-Seafood Platters-
(Shrimp, Fish Fillets, Calamari & Mashed Potatoes)

-Chinese Seafood Noodles-
(Ini cik abg yg mengidam, not me :p )

...not to forget, many THANX to him yg sudi teman wa yg mengidam macam2 ni makan. hehe.

Still thinking for another food to eat during this holiday. Any ideas? :D
p/s: I wish I dun gain weight again this year, since I gained 10kg during winter break last year. LOL

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