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Watch your thoughts, they become words..Watch your words, they become actions..Watch your actions, they become habits..Watch your character, they become destiny..

p/s: Org ckp tulis guna otak. paling tidak, tulis guna tangan. Tp wa xpeduli, coz wa still mau tulis guna hati. (^_^)
p/s/s: Semua yang terkandung di dalam blog wa adalah nukilan & pendapat wa sendiri, unless the sources are stated. Maaf jika ada yg inappropriate untuk tontonan umum!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

4 things which once I LOVED, but I really HATE now.

  1. My watch
  2. My English translation of Quran (which I don't keep it anymore and it's not because of the Quran is the person who gave that I hate)
  3. My silat memories
  4. My former high school, SMAPL


"Janganlah terlalu menyintai, mungkin itu yg akan kau benci kelak...
dan janganlah terlalu membenci, kerana mungkin itu yg akan kau cintai suatu hari nanti.."

p/s: This is a statement. I dun need any ppl thoughts or comments about this. Tq

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