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Watch your thoughts, they become words..Watch your words, they become actions..Watch your actions, they become habits..Watch your character, they become destiny..

p/s: Org ckp tulis guna otak. paling tidak, tulis guna tangan. Tp wa xpeduli, coz wa still mau tulis guna hati. (^_^)
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Monday, February 11, 2013

You are my biggest regret

It is bad for regetting
And not bad to love
But when it is wrong
Here comes the big regrets

Never met yet we 'love'
Never think yet we crossed
And now you are the memory that I hate the most..

Knowing you was a mistake
Leaving you was the best decision I've ever made
'Coz now I have the right person by my side
Where only happiness shall we decorate..

Love for my present & future,
Regrets for the past;
Mr. Medic

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