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Watch your thoughts, they become words..Watch your words, they become actions..Watch your actions, they become habits..Watch your character, they become destiny..

p/s: Org ckp tulis guna otak. paling tidak, tulis guna tangan. Tp wa xpeduli, coz wa still mau tulis guna hati. (^_^)
p/s/s: Semua yang terkandung di dalam blog wa adalah nukilan & pendapat wa sendiri, unless the sources are stated. Maaf jika ada yg inappropriate untuk tontonan umum!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life is Short, so Use it Wisely.

There's sometimes we forget to clean up the dishes
And sometimes we forget to wish our beloved's birthdays
or maybe we forget about what the lecturers said in class for today.
But never forget how to SMILE..

Coz when you forget it, then you'll lost it. 

Although it is fragile inside...
At least A SMILE. For the people around you. :)

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