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Friday, August 23, 2013

I love Malaysia!

Assalamualaikum wbt and hi!

Happy 16th syawal everyone. Hehe. Not too late bah kn? :p

Well, last time I posted about the education system and I forgot to state about Egypt's condition. Fyi, Msian students and ppl were fine, and will be as long as they obey the rules and pekeliling from embassy and EME (Education Malaysia Egypt). And as long as they 'try' to be safe by going back home with the free tickets rather than staying there. I just don't know why ppl who keep complaining that place still safe and blaming the local nation news for giving false info abt egypt, they are also the busiest one mahu balik. Weird, huh? Lols. Me? Am totally fine alhamdulillah coz I am in Malaysia at the moment.

Idk when I'll be back there, but sometimes something keep telling me that I shouldn't get there anymore. I prefer studying medicine in Malaysia as it is not impossible for this kind of matter to happen again even after this current situation hve been settled down. As long Yayasan Sabah want to give me the scholarship, of course. :D

Am thinking abt plan B. Where could I continue my study IF we need to stay here. UMS can aa? IMU?  Wherever it'll be, I hope they wont need us to sit for entrance exams laa. My ticket to egypt also hve to be postponed to an unknown date as well. $$$ again. Everything need money. Argh!

The only great thing is the end of year holiday is longer than it should be. And my abg panjang punya exam pun kena postponed till November. ( wo ai ni♥, ehehe. *tetiba* ) Soooo, due to that reason, my abg pnjg and I decided to have our elective posting in Queen Elizabeth Hospital II, Emergency and Trauma dept. which we went last year also. ( actually, we already planned for a long long time ago. Lols. ) Almost a week there, it is great! Some new MOs and staffs. But they are so helpful and friendly. I just love them, the way they work together for a team.

Well, I didn't plan to talk much, especially abt my second home. so I'll just stop here. Just pray for Egypt. Alkah knows best. I hope world is still a safe place to stay.

( If not, I'll go to Venus. Kekeke. *paranoid while reading this book... )

Drive safe peeps! 
*as regards the Genting bus accident, 
To ppl who just started driving like me* 

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